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Politics: What political movement do you identify with and believe will lead to human well being? Why?

I like the anarcho-syndicalist movement. My old girlfriend used to fall asleep everytime she listened to Noam Chomsky but I think he is great. Eventhough he is a professor it seems to me he is more of a politician than politicians.

Here are a few links by Noam Chomsky that hopeful gives you an idea.






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  • Mar 15 2011: The Pirate Bay, intellectual property just promotes artificial scarcity, and Capitalism.
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      Mar 15 2011: Yeah I agree, the property can serve the purpose of luxury or it can serve the purpose of producing more profit.

      Most of the property actually just serves the purpose of producing more profit, I might have a different political view of what constitutes a decent society from the capitalists but to me the whole idea of owning all that property seems adsurd, I don't see a point in it.

      I used to chat on the Myspace philosophy forum back when it was active and there were quite a bit of brilliant people on there. I also met a few anarcho or laissez faire capitalists on there and from what I remember they were against wage labor so I could come half way and agree with them on some ideas,

      But it seems that capitalists have differing views on the matter. At least when there is no wage labor the worker has some say in determining what the fruits of his labor are worth. When you take that away as well then the market value of the labor determines the worth of the person's labor, it's practically treating the worker like a commodity.

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