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How come Pro athletes receive such little support & funding?

Everyone enjoys going to a football game, watching tennis on tv or playing sport video games. Sport is primary basis of our culture so why do athletes struggle so much? I am currently one of the small handfull of women kiteboarders in the world and has a once in a life time opportunity to rank top 9 in the world for speed. I'm about to be the only ranked canadian women setting the record for the country and have been invited to the World Kite Speed Championships in France this July. So far i've funded everything myself but can't afford the flight. How is it that such a small thing can hold a person back from achieving the most important in their life? I'm constantly struggling to understand why its so hard to achieve this.


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  • Jun 6 2012: I was a little confused by your question because most pro athletes I hear about are ridiculously overpaid for entertaining us, while so many other more important societal roles are underfunded. Daycare operators for example. Which isn't to say I don't empathize with you. Kite boarding is an awesome sport! Perhaps it is a question of how the total dollars put into sports are spread around.
    My advice is to ask airlines to give you a ticket, and offer to promote their company. You might be surprised. For a $3,000 value (and you will probably just be filling an empty seat on a plane going there anyway) they have the potential to get some pretty decent exposure at a World Championship.
    I can guarantee that if you don't ask, you won't get it!
    Best of luck.
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      Jun 7 2012: Thank you Mike you have a very good point. When I wrote this i wasn't thinking of overpaid team sports like Baseball ect. Your suggestion is a good one and i am going to mention it to my agent today :)

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