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Coming up with different questions to ask graduates. How about ones that inspire them?

What are you going go do now? Where are you going? What's next?

Remember having to answer those questions a jillion times after you graduated...and how annoying it was?

It still is.

These questions are about the future. Graduation is a time to celebrate what's been accomplished (the past) and usher them into the next stage of their life (the future).

Perhaps more questions about what they've just accomplished:
What were your 3 favorite moments of the last 4 years?
What were the hardest moments?
What do you think the biggest learning experiences were?
What are you going to miss?

Then maybe look to the future:
What are you excited about learning in the next 4 years?
What are the challenges you anticipate in the coming years?
What support do you think will be the most helpful?

Perhaps there are ways we can make these conversations less painful and more helpful for our young people. What ideas do you have? What questions do you think would be interesting?


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    Jun 8 2012: I like that Barry, particularly what captures your curiosity.

    My experience is the passion questions are hard to answer, because they don't know, but feel they should know. I wonder if you've had more success than I've had.

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