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Is Salman Khan's idea of incorporating video in education the key to solving existing budget cuts? Is it learner friendly? Differentiated?

Many states are dealing with budget cuts in education. What would the cost be to incorporate video education or online course work? What would the teacher-student ratios be in the classroom? What about student mastery and assistance? What about struggling students? Is it time to change our curriculum format? What grade levels could we target?

Perhaps a healthy blend of video, live lecture and modeling followed by hands on activities would be best.

Also, in business we can return bad products due to our own quality assurance standards. In public education you cannot. Students are diverse in their own prior knowledge and abilities.


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    Mar 14 2011: Please consider viewing the "Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education" video before posting. There are also other interesting "conversations" started on that page. The link is under "related talks" (see my initial question box)

    Thank you, Marisa

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