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How does bilingualism make you feel?

What do you experience when you or others around you use and switch between two languages? Please share your experiences with bilingualism.


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    Jun 6 2012: Married 9 years to a Lebanese girl and friend now have tried to learn the language; and chinese. I absorbed myself in the culture! from an aboriginal australian background i found it hard to switch my mind into the pace and spirit that they experience. if you study thier words the images and pictures they would experience in thier minds help language to flow. for instance my ex wifs name was Salam meaning "peace" and Ive been told my name Damien mean "Diamond" pronounced Almas. as my english language is expressed and my interpretation of comprehension I formulate sentences and I produce little scenorios (scuse my spelling i just want to express myself here quickly to get this clear... :-).) anyway so I couldnt do it in the end. My son hes 7 but i watch him when I have friends and work collegues talk to him in arabic and his mum speaks to him although he doesnt; I notice his body language and hes adhears to the spiritual and cultural side and his demeana changes... I listen to the language and even when people speak to me in english and i dont hear some thing clearly i still 5-6 years later after stopped trying to learn arabic and involving myself in the culture. i hear sounds like... and can interpret the words i learned in arabic. so i understand arabic just cant speak fluently by switching- my english is too strong! thanks for your question :-) i liked trying to explain my experience.

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