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How does bilingualism make you feel?

What do you experience when you or others around you use and switch between two languages? Please share your experiences with bilingualism.


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  • Jun 6 2012: It truly is difficult to learn a second language. But it is so fantastic to have that much more of a perspective on the world when you have a second language to fall back on. Usually in the process of learning a second language one also learns about some aspect of another culture and they open up a whole new group of people to learn from as well.

    I learned Brazilian Portuguese a number of years ago and I was surprised how difficult it was compared to anything else I have learned. I learned about dedication, hard work, and enduring through hardships. In that aspect it made me a better person. I also now connect really well with Brazilians and I have learned how awesome they are!

    It has always been funny to speak English and Portuguese now. There are times I'll take an expression in English and translate it to Portuguese and it does not make a lick of sense and the same thing exists going the other way. That and it opens up your world to a whole new slough of random language mistakes that create the greatest inside jokes ever. Basically learning a second language has been the funnest thing ever. Now if only I didn't keep through in
    Portuguese words as a substitute when I practice Spanish :P

    By the way, the coolest thing in the world is when I am speaking with a fluent English/Portuguese speaker. When I cannot find a word in Portuguese I can just throw in an English word and the other person gets it. I end up creating English/Portuguese sentences and the other person continues on as if two languages have not been fused together when a normal person would just stare at you and wonder "What?"
    • Jun 6 2012: Hi Eric,

      I agree with you that learning any foreign languages is difficult and all I want to add is that you don't have to try to learn foreign languages at all you have to try to walk with foreigners.
      you know, as anthropologists put it: Walking what makes us human.

      You might wonder what walking has to do with learning foreign languages.
      I am sure that you are familiar with that saying: "When in Rome, Do like Romans do"
      Now, When in Rome, Walk like Romans walk then Talk like Romans talk.

      I live in a area where there are many English, but guess what, hardly a few try to walk like Spanish,
      how do you want them to talk like Spanish? They can't.

      I am not Spanish neither English, I learn both languages as foreign languages.
      and you know what's funny: I am happy that none of them are my mother tongue and that's why they make me to learn them.

      NEVER stop learning. Learning is FUN

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