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Do zoos help biodiversity conservation?

Zoos are becoming more aware of the role they can play in preventing species extinction. The California Condor, the black-footed ferret, and the Przewalski’s horse have all been saved from extinction because of zoos. Zoos also aid conservation by inspiring people to learn more about the diversity of life. However for every species saved in a zoo, hundreds if not more will perish outside of zoos. Is the role of the zoo to showcase and educate the public about the organisms they keep in captivity or should they also focus on conservation outside zoo boundaries?


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    Jun 8 2012: Personally, I've always had the perception that zoo's not only care about the animals that they are holding in the exhibits, but they are also aware of the conservation processes that need to happen in order to save the species. To my experience, most individuals who work at a zoo are animals lovers and work to educate society about human threats and risks of extinction.

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