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TEDx event: Speakers

I'm trying to organize a TEDx event in my country, and I'm currently looking for speakers.
If the theme was Youth, would it be better to have teenagers speaking, adults speaking, or both?

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    Jun 7 2012: Rosa,

    I would mimic Fritzie's comments. I was on the organizing team for TEDxYouth@Seattle (http://tedxyouthseattle.com) and we had a great lineup of both young adult and older speakers. It helps to identify what types of messages you are looking to communicate to your audience and then find speakers that can do so in a way that the audience understands. You also want to make sure to mix up the speakers in the program so that it isn't grouped by age, but more so by theme or message.

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      Jun 9 2012: Thank you for your answer Behzod!
      Would you recommend that there be more than 1 theme/topic of speeches per session?

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