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TEDx event: Speakers

I'm trying to organize a TEDx event in my country, and I'm currently looking for speakers.
If the theme was Youth, would it be better to have teenagers speaking, adults speaking, or both?

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    Jun 6 2012: Hello Rosa,
    I'm glad you are trying to spread the TED spirit through your event. For a youth event,I suggest a blend of both young achievers (teenagers) and young adults.However, the percentage blend will depend on the what you want to achieve through your event. Whatever the case,it is important to get speakers who are energetic and inspiring,and whose ideas are worth spreading!
    You can also visit the TEDx page on this website for more information.I wish you all the best in your event!!
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      Jun 6 2012: Thank you very much Prince Boadu!
      I agree that a mixture of the speeches by young achievers and adults would broaden the perspective/thoughts and ultimately be able to send across a stronger, more powerful message!

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