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The Family Farm

I think that most families should live in farms , and grow their own food.
this idea is done only by food companies and big restaurants .
A family can have a moderate size land to grow food (different types of daily used food ) , and keep a space to grow food for the animals that they take care of.
This way the family has it's own clean vegetables as well as fruits and meat , add to this the healthy atmosphere .
That's my dream for the world.

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    Mar 14 2011: Ah the desire to return to simplicity. But is it something you truly want?

    For example:

    You're wearing two nice shirts, are wearing sunglasses, have a clean shaven face, and nice trimmed head of hair, have taken a picture through a camera, typed this conversation on a computer, used electricity to power it, and a telecommunications network to transmit it.

    Do you also want to produce by yourself all of the technologies that made these things possible?

    Or, do you see the value in having different people specialize in making different things and trading a little of what you make for a little of what someone else makes? Of course if everyone is on a farm doing the same things an all are trying very hard to produce all of the technologies listed above by themselves, then the quality of life for everyone would be lower.
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      Mar 14 2011: You bring up a very valid point here which I think often is overlooked when people think of the "idylic" preindustrial age.

      Apart from this I wonder if it is practically possible for us to return to such a lifestyle because of the poppulation growth that has occured. The earth has a surface area of 510.000.000 square killometers. Which divided between about seven billion people is about 700x100 square meters per person. Taking into accunt that 70% of the surface is covered by water we are left with about 200x100 square meters each. A quite large fraction of this remaining area is desert, mountains and other not so fertile ground. This is the area each person has to grow his own crops on, feed his animals from and dump his thrash on. With this view I think it becomes clear that effective use of the earths surface area is a must, which my intuiton tells me is best achieved by large scale production.

      Any thoughts about this? I would be very glad if someone actually knew some numbers about for example the per squre meter production of food from different production techniques.
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        Mar 17 2011: The human population before the industrial age was about 400-500 million. If we were to become a pre-industrial world again, we would need to reduce our global population by 95%. But because we've severely degraded arable land, even 500 million might be too high.
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    Mar 14 2011: If you dream of this, I recommend to watch the talk of Rob Hopkins:

    and visit his website.
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      Mar 16 2011: Katja, what a constructive and helpful response to a young person with a dream. I loved it!