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If an African youth asks you for advise on how the continent would keep progressing in its development, what would you share?

Africa has many resources and these resources need to be continuously utilized to the benefit of the people on the continent and the world at large. African leaders are continuously making efforts to accelerate the level of development on the continent. Whiles the various leaders are running the affairs of their countries on the continent, advise the future leaders on development as a multifacet concept- economic, political, social, and human development. This is to discontinue the numerous literatures which have to be written about the continent's underdevelopment.

  • Jun 7 2012: Lead follow or get out of the way. This takes teamwork. If the best people work together, and are given a chance - How can you fail? Read Hernanco de Soto of peru's book. We need to want everyone to succeed and help everyone.
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    Jun 7 2012: Reject determinism in all of its forms. Believe that God created problems so that you can solve them. Adopt the attitude that work is "worship in motion". Develop the habit of looking for problems in your life and others, and think of different ways to make the problem go away. Always look for ways to make life easier for yourself and others. If there is something you do every day that requires physical work, can you develop a simple solution to eliminate that work? Look at what currently exists and ask yourself is there a way to do it better? Make it more efficient?

    All advanced industrialized nations started this way. We love to solve problems. We are societies of problem solvers. Solving problems creates technologies, science, economic development, and it improves everyone's life.
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    Jun 7 2012: Believe in yourselves and never turn over the riegns of self direction ever again.
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    Jun 6 2012: Development is a progressive concept,it is not instantaneous. It will take educating the youth on all the facets of development,not forgetting ethical responsibility that comes with it!
    If leadership is intertwined with a sense of accountability and responsibility, then a new chapter in our story would be penned.
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    Jun 5 2012: Africa is very important to the world. I absolutlely believe that it iwll keep progressing.