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How can a high school student change the world?

I am a gr.9 student in high school and I want to do something big but I don't know what and I don't know how?

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    Jun 6 2012: Right now explore your interests, apply yourself seriously to learning in school, participate in activities that are outside your comfort zone,, including service activities that are meaningful to you, always ask yourself whether there is another point of view, and try to get good at something. It doesn't have to be "the" thing, but going through the process of getting good at something makes it easier to get good at the next thing. I don't think there is any fast road or short cut to where you want to go. In fact, I would advise you to be dubious of any quick tricks or schemes you may come across. Because many people seek quick ways to power, fame, fortune, or influence, you may find there are many people wanting to sell you shortcuts.
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    Jun 5 2012: Step one: choose to be a good human being even when it is easy to be otherwise.
  • Jun 7 2012: Hey Paul, great for you for wanting to make a difference. I'm going into high school next year, I felt the way you did a few years ago so I started an environmental organization for youth called Earth Action Team which I am now president of. Here's what I would do:

    1. Find an issue you really care about and emphasize with; is it the environment? Global warming? Human rights? Animal rights? Sexual identity? Etc.
    2. The most productive way to make change is to make change TOGETHER. Start a group at your school that can expand and grow as you get more experience.
    3. Get in touch with organizations connected to your issue and ask about local community actions to take: e.g. petitions signatures, a rally, etc.
    4. Make an action plan!

    If you're into the environment, I HIGHLY recommend "A Young Activist's Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World" It is amazing.
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    Jun 6 2012: Hi Paul! I'm also a highschool student rightnow and I feel exactly the same way!
    I've always loved inspiring people, helping and guiding others.

    One question. What are your dreams?

    I'll tell you what I'm doing. I love painting and drawing, I love expressing my emotions and thoughts through Art (and writing). So, I made a website with my artworks (you can see it in my profile). Also, as I stated above, I love helping others. Therefore I started a Literature and Arts Magazine at my school, where other students can share their emotions and thoughts through artworks and writings as well! In addition to the magazine, I'm planning on directing a Art after school program for students (as a teacher's assistant). I would love to get the chance to help others express themselves through drawing and painting.

    As for the inspirational aspect of my goals, I'm planning on holding a TEDx event in my country! Maybe some will think that it's a little far-fetched that a high schooler is hosting a big event such as this, but I believe that if the purpose is to spread ideas/inspire others, it's all worth it.

    These are what I've done/ am doing right now. As many have suggested, plan out what is is that you want to do the most. What is your passion? Figure out a way to achieve it. You can see high school as two different places: a place that limits your freedom to achieve your goals, or a place where you can build a strong support system/basis for your goals. I chose the second one. I recommend that you first start off within your school. Then, perhaps, go larger and larger. That is my goal. I hope my comment helps!
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    Jun 6 2012: first step is to make a goal,then do something to achieve it!
    In this period of time,you must overcome setbacks.
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    Jun 6 2012: Paul,
    Intention to make big changes in our world is always good, and sometimes can be overwhelming to achieve. Every journey starts with one single step. Many single steps may add up to a big change. "BE" what you want to "SEE" in our world.
  • Jun 6 2012: Paul, Would you consider many, many small and good things adding up to something really big over time? Maybe something really big done in a humble but gracious manner would be far bigger than you ever could imagine!

    What do you seek? Fame? Fortune? Glory? Esteem? Attention? Power?

    What is the underlying basis defining big?

  • Jun 6 2012: "Be the change you want to see in the world"-Gandhi
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    Jun 12 2012: First of all concentrate in finishing up all the books in a library once (if you have not already done so). Then think again. You'll find your answer.