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Should mindfulness and other introspective techniques be taught in high school?

In an effort to make people more aware of themselves, their environment, and their actions should we teach mindfulness in high schools? My thinking is that this would help people with compassion,concentration,self understanding, and just overall awareness. Would this be helpful, or completely futile? How would this work?


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  • Jun 5 2012: I'm a grade 9 student and I believe this would be very helpful to make students aware of the world around them. This could possibly be added to the grade 9 geography curriculum.
    btw during geo I try to start debates and after i get one started he just tells me to take global issues in gr.12 :(
    • Jun 6 2012: school can be limiting, however if you can push your way through some of the more disappointing aspects and get to higher learning I think you will find more free reign. Don't give up on developing and expressing your opinion, your teacher would probably like to discuss the topics you bring up but has certain expectations and curriculum he must meet.

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