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Why do we let this happen in the world?



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    Jun 22 2012: You tell me who was the first human to begin the human race simply the product of the bible is handed down story of what initially has controlled and caused our understanding of someone greater than the universe or a God. Just think that you mentioned a mixture of protons, electrons, atoms forming different beings and animals. The latest section of this book (Genesis an Enigma) that is written by a scientist and well travelled man with great references to great historical and palaeontology. He speaks of the first eyeball being born (who would of thought of this?) and how it resembles a jellyfish and how that is one of the oldest and first animals that whether you think God or just science created. But my argument in support of Christianity and living a good life by simply being a Christian follower. The story is quite uncanny how science, archaeology, history and scholars and the famous people (like say Moses) I’ve spoken about all get their inspiration get their knowledge and genius and abilities to tell a story or open the rulers of this worlds minds about Faith and Belief explain what affects us. IS proven and to predict the events so accurately as they the scientists unravel their discoveries. The life of Jesus, Adam and Eve was all evident to these books in the Old Testament. I’m just saying this book I've read has been such an inspiration because of the wonder of science for me to believe more in how good my Christian walk is back to my Bible.

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