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Why do we let this happen in the world?



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    Jun 7 2012: the author endeavours to explain THE BIG BANG THEORY and how biblical txt has been proven to alighn with the word of God and todays knowledge. An interesting look at how the universe was created. The Bible is about power and the covenant of life and beauty of a greater man than Newton.
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      Jun 7 2012: It looks as though he's really just read too deeply into it, and it does nothing to prove the book, and lastly, back to my original point, if he says genesis talks of evolution then why are christians so against it being taught, but he reads far too deep into the book and pulls what he wants out of it, he says that it explains the big bang which it really doesn't and he says that when he created matter and light on one day it explains the big bang, you don't get light until you have nuclear fusion which came a long time after matter was created, also he says about the waters giving way to the rising land or something, but so far as I know we had land first then water.

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