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Where lies the HOPE of the African continent?

Recent studies reveal that the demise of many an African country has been primarily due to its poor leadership and the lack of vision of its people.Will the efforts of the International Community to avert the gloomy shadows lurking in the future of this well-endowed continent result in a meaningful panacea? What can be done to turn the fortunes of the African continent?


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  • Mar 14 2011: Hi Prince, I am interested in this too. In your own country, what are the major hindrances to growth and development?
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      Mar 15 2011: Ann,what happens in Ghana seems to be prevalent in every country in Africa. The ubiquity of poor stewardship and the lack of vision from our elected and appointed leaders makes me wonder,"whether the Hope we so much look forward to lies with our current leaders".This quandary pervades the minds of the average African who truly wants to see a change.Nonetheless,so long as there is a remnant who truly believe in change-positive change-my country,like many African countries,still has HOPE!

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