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Where lies the HOPE of the African continent?

Recent studies reveal that the demise of many an African country has been primarily due to its poor leadership and the lack of vision of its people.Will the efforts of the International Community to avert the gloomy shadows lurking in the future of this well-endowed continent result in a meaningful panacea? What can be done to turn the fortunes of the African continent?

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    Mar 15 2011: Two things:

    1) Africa needs more nutritionally productive food sources. I strongly encourage you to watch the documentary (also a book) "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond. Africa's greatest difficulty is that it has a large number of different and often incompatible ecosystems. Without super-productive food, people spend more time feeding themselves, and less time developing economic specialties to generate wealth.

    2) Of those that have free time, people need to learn to stop being deterministic and to think of creative ways to solve other peoples' problems. Suppose your neighbor does a task that takes him 2 hours to do, and you see a way to help him do the same amount of work in 1 hour. No matter what he pays you, you will have doubled his income. When a whole village does that for one another, the whole village becomes wealthier. When people in your country looks at the problems of other countries and helps to improve their lives, the whole world becomes wealthier.
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    Mar 14 2011: Just yesterday I watched a documentary about the women movement for peace in Liberia.
    This was a very good example as to what people are capable of if there is sufficient motivation. It also shows, that one should take initiative and not wait until things change on their own. If we want to make changes we need to be part of the change, regardless if that is in Africa or somewhere else.
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    Mar 14 2011: Ans: In the heart of African people!

    If citizen of Africa dont believe in themselves its least probable that they could grow. If people of Africa take a stand against evil that prevail in society due to ignorance, every country will see their effort and try to help them

    Remember citizens make country not otherwise, one enlightened sole can change the course of history(for ex: Mr Gandhi). If you have a power to raise the question then you can definitely drive a change, keep hopes alive! AMEN!
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    Mar 14 2011: the first step is to stop the massification of Africa as a singular unit. No continent developed at the same phase or as a single entity....African nations must understand their individual uniquenesses - the problems are not the same, the contexts are different, the efforts required will be as unique and endogenous as there are nations in Africa.
    Our strength lies in dealing with our individual challenges first, then a synergy can emerge.
    Like I said, this is a first step to take.
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      Mar 14 2011: Strength of any organization, country, continent or planet lies in unity. Sense of oneness and spirit of collaboration. Its true that every country grows on its own, but think about the conflict that arises due to difference in vision. As an analogy, suppose country A regard a river as sacred while adjacent country B treats it as a garbage disposal stream. Will they be in peace and harmony?
  • Mar 14 2011: Hi Prince, I am interested in this too. In your own country, what are the major hindrances to growth and development?
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      Mar 15 2011: Ann,what happens in Ghana seems to be prevalent in every country in Africa. The ubiquity of poor stewardship and the lack of vision from our elected and appointed leaders makes me wonder,"whether the Hope we so much look forward to lies with our current leaders".This quandary pervades the minds of the average African who truly wants to see a change.Nonetheless,so long as there is a remnant who truly believe in change-positive change-my country,like many African countries,still has HOPE!