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What are some strategies for implementing the TED spirit on a local level?

While the day at TEDx was great - and inspiring - it seems to me we need some mechanism for keeping the creative fire burning at the local level in order to translate it into real change. Inspire me with some of your examples!


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    Jun 11 2012: I agree with some of the comments below, talk about TED a lot with the people around you, send them links to talks that you think will inspire them and get them interested in learning more about some of these amazing ideas.

    For me I have taken this a step further, I am doing A Year of TED, applying TED talks into my daily life through 30 day activities. I've been doing this for 7 months now and sharing my experiences through my blog www.kyliedunn.com. The aim of sharing is to show other people that many of these talks can have a practical application, that it is not just "chicken soup for the soul", but that if you think about the messages and how they might be applied to your daily life then they really can make a difference.

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