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What are some strategies for implementing the TED spirit on a local level?

While the day at TEDx was great - and inspiring - it seems to me we need some mechanism for keeping the creative fire burning at the local level in order to translate it into real change. Inspire me with some of your examples!


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    Jun 6 2012: The TED spirit is about Creativity,Innovation and Initiatives that have the potential to cause a positive change in our communities,and ultimately the world! So,I believe it all starts with you! Your ability to embark on selfless initiatives in your locality can serve as a foothold for greater things to come.
    • Jun 10 2012: I totaly agree if you, Prince. A big change starts with a small step, and share TED's ideias in our private nets, with family and friends for example, is a good way to cause break patterns, to have a more collaborative, innovative and sustainable society.

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