Daxesh Degdawala

Service Engineer, B Braun Medical Pvt. Ltd.

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What do you prefer to do? To Do Job or To Do Business?

After completing Education Most of people want to do job but intelligent people do not like to do job but they always prefer to do their own business and create history in the world by their tactics. If v want to earn lots money in life then v should prefer business rather than job at a small level.

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    Jun 5 2012: Do you really mean that if you seek a job you are not intelligent? I must really be dumb. I retired from three jobs and a very healthy portfolio. Now I really feel bad and will probally go to our cabin in the mountains and stay a week or two to get over it. I probally should close shop on the consulting firm also as people who own businesses would not want advice from a dumby like me.
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    Jun 5 2012: Not surprised by your question Daxesh (since you are from Gujarat) :) ... Anyway a really thought provoking question

    I would prefer doing business but not right after graduating from college , We need to have a financial backup

    But what I observed when people get to work, people get so comfortable and then they get stuck in a rat race where there is no winner. Doing business will require courage to take the risk

  • Jun 10 2012: I would rather be self employed but I wouldn't mind a lucrative job opportunity.
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      Jul 4 2012: i love to do buainess even in a job. It allows me to use more of my strengths. Win. win. win soluitions.