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Can spirituality only be attained where there is no poverty?

People living in third world country can even hardly survive.
All they ask for are basic needs such as water and food.
In other words, they just want survival skills.

Spirituality seems to be a far-fetehed idea to them.

Is spirituality something that can only be attained only after your basic needs are met?

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  • Jun 10 2012: When I was visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar, an extremely holy place of worship. I encountered a Sikh (turbaned) beggar near the building. Even though it was very rare to see Sikh beggars based on personal beliefs and religious beliefs, he was sitting cross legged, praying, mediating, appeared presentable and did not beg. He sat, meditated and prayed, and people were giving him money just based on his situation. He didn't go past his beliefs, yet still attained poverty and spirituality.

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