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The Importance Of Hosting a World Wide Sport Event, such as World Cup and Olimpic Games, to a Country,

I opened this debate not to figure if certain country has or has not conditions to host a World sport event. This is an attempt to find out what motivations a government have, in order to engage so much effort on winning the bid for it.
What´s the payback? Economic? International Influence? Power maintenance?
Anyway, I looking forward to see what you guys have.

Closing Statement from Pedro Donnini

Wow, thank you very much for going along.
I agree with what you say Mr Kroll, concerning the beneficiaries from the events.
IOC and Fifa Learnt how to use the marketing potential of these global events and how to capitalize real well.
good for them and better for the few companies that shoots up their revenue in an event year.
the politicians have the opportunitty to reach, probably, the most popular achiviement that a government can reach for his popularity.
But the thing is. hosting games is the new excuse for governments to actually do something for the country?
And if it is, Is the price paid fair?
And Why they keep using the argument that it brings economic development for the country?
After South Africa , I thought that the brazilian government would be more carefull to administrate the WC, but it seems that we are having "more of the same'...

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    Jul 4 2012: It is my understanding that these events spawn huge ancillary economic benefits but i would love to see the number. I feel certain if it were really true those who want the games of whichever kind would lead with this effective argument. Show me the money!
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    Jun 12 2012: For your thinking through this: Colorado in 1976 rejected the Winter Olympics after being selected by the IOC because of environmental and cost concerns.

    I think the main beneficiaries of such events are the organizers (Fifa, IOC etc), the politicians, and a narrow commercial group. There are examples, however, where the games are the needed excuse for a government to build what is needed anyway. (Munich, for example, owes its auto-free city-center and basic suburban rail systems to the '72 Olympics.)
  • Jun 4 2012: I dedicated a bit of my time to try to answer some questions: "Why do Heads od State worry so much about his/her country hosts a Fifa World Cup or a Olimpics Games? How this passionate participation is explained?"
    I came up with some ideas such as the infrastructure legacy for example.Does it help the economy growth?
    I found out through some works i looked it up and reach some disappointing conclusions for both of this questions. For the first one, The infrastructure legacy, It turned out to be not real effective since most of sports facilities won´t be used in a regular basis ( See South Africa) and the city construction are very often overvalued, because they have to be ready in time.
    The contribuition for the economy is fairly relevant, and it´s seasoned for the year of the event, GERMany GNP World Cup Contribuition wasn´t relevant at all ( see Simon Kuper´s Soccernomics).
    the only signficant change on hosting country index, found by Mr Kuper, is population happiness. which made me link governmet effort to power maintenance, the only reasonable motive for engage.
    So what do you think?
    Thank you for reading until here.