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Is autism, or some types of autism, an evolutionary effect.

This is an uninformed notion I have had, and this is the first time I have found support for it.
Toward the end of this TED talk Enriquez provides some numbers on the rate at which autism has increased in a decade, 78%.

He says, "We are trying to take in as much information in a day as people use to take in in a lifetime."
Is autism a rapid evolution of the brain?

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  • Jun 13 2012: Are emotions outdated? The autism spectrum as the mind's exploration of the ways to deal with emotional stimulus and motivation: people with Aspergers would be likely to tell you that emotions are a stupid way to base decisions and behaviour - people with Dyslexia might say emotions are the peak of the human experience.

    With such an increase in the amount of input we receive, a corresponding increase in the changes of emotional states must surely follow. Autism perhaps as the mind evolving to reduce the load?

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