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Is autism, or some types of autism, an evolutionary effect.

This is an uninformed notion I have had, and this is the first time I have found support for it.
Toward the end of this TED talk Enriquez provides some numbers on the rate at which autism has increased in a decade, 78%.

He says, "We are trying to take in as much information in a day as people use to take in in a lifetime."
Is autism a rapid evolution of the brain?

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  • Jun 8 2012: I'm really very grateful for your post Ted. Autism or no autism I feel that the point needs to be frequently restated that sex differences should be handled with extreme care if we are to avoid them being used as generalisations which can in turn be used to impose discrimination, as indeed they continue to be used. I feel that the economic realities (women earn on average 1/3 that of men) that continue to affect women are masked from everyday realisation and can be readily used to explain why women continue to be dependent on men's good opinion. The man-free alternative is to work or not work and to bring up children or to remain child free. Not to work and to have children exposes women to the very worst that the neo-liberalist establishment has to offer and the bad opinion of all in this miserly world.
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      Jun 11 2012: This is a tremendous point and Simon Baron-Cohen does stress this about his research in one of the Youtube videos Thank you for underscoring it.

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