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What has been the most Extra Ordinary moment in your life so far ?

Everybody has a an extra ordinary moment of good & bad, The bad is not worth sharing here, obviously it will bring sadness but I want you to share the good one.

By extra ordinary I mean.

1) The one that may have changed your life.
2) The one worth going back in time & feel that moment again.
3) & Obviously the one if you share it here would make you feel good, proud & happy now again.

The 3rd one is what I mean for this conversation.

Thank you


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    Jul 4 2012: If I had to pick one moment, it would be the moment that i first held my eldest son after giving birth to him. Our eyes locked and in this supremely viceral moment, I felt him draw eternity through me and into himself. The birth of the rest of my children was equally profound and yet this first event is the most memorable.
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      Jul 4 2012: Thank you Debra for Sharing this. Your kids are luck to have you as mother.

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