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What has been the most Extra Ordinary moment in your life so far ?

Everybody has a an extra ordinary moment of good & bad, The bad is not worth sharing here, obviously it will bring sadness but I want you to share the good one.

By extra ordinary I mean.

1) The one that may have changed your life.
2) The one worth going back in time & feel that moment again.
3) & Obviously the one if you share it here would make you feel good, proud & happy now again.

The 3rd one is what I mean for this conversation.

Thank you


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    Jun 8 2012: Hello Rafi!

    I cannot say I have a lot of experiences like the rest of Ted community, because of my young age. However, one of my weird experiences if I can call it like that, because I still do not know if it is good, bad or both, is moving to United States. I came here 2 years ago from Albania, which is in Europe. I was not the most happy person in the world, but I made it through life, growing up and stuff. Well, my nature is that I fit in very easily, and I do not let other people think that I may not like the environment I am, so it is not a big deal from outside of a point of view. But, the most important thing is that this experience, is making me grow so much mentally. I have to face the stress of school, the stress of another language, the stress of my old friends, who I miss so much (I also learned who my real friends are now, since I do not communicate with all of them since I left).

    In addition, my parents do not speak English very well. They have to do very random jobs here, and nobody really helps. I have to talk to bank managers, I have to help for the rent and everything with translation. It is just stressing for a 17 year old.

    However I do not regret moving here. I may not be happy, but I will be happy in the end, knowing that everything went alright, and I faced everything alone. It looks a weird experience, if you have not tried it, but it has to do with psychological stuff, I reckon. It just feels weird to be so alone in a world full of people, when things did not turn out to be how your parents thought they would.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share!
    P.S: apologies for the long and boring story:P

    Wish you the best.
    • Jun 8 2012: Your story is very important.
      Thank you Antonela
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      Jun 9 2012: Dear Antonela,
      Perhaps you have not had a lot of experiences because of your age, but the one you mention is very significant, and the way you deal with the challenges is very impressive:>)

      You seem to recognize all aspects of the situation (good/bad/both), and you are using the information to grow and learn about yourself and the space you and your family occupy at this time. You are a very insightful young woman.

      I always find that at the other end of the challenges, I feel more strength, confidence and courage, all of which helps support us through the life adventure. You have learned to make lemonade from lemons, and that is a HUGE life lesson...in my humble perception:>) You are not alone my friend. I reckon I agree with you..."it has to do with psychological stuff"...well said:>)

      Your story is NOT "long and boring". It is very insightful and I appreciate you sharing so much of yourself here on TED. You are a GREAT role model:>)
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      Jun 9 2012: Hi Antonela,
      We at TED can say is if you are having a challenging phase in your life , it is your greatest lesson.I dont know if you are able to make sense in your life right now but definitely things will make sense in your life at a later point of time but just don't give up.
      I too have been through this phase of my life when I lost my dad at an age of 15 and was financially broke. However I managed to secure good grades.Eventually went on to be a software engineer with a very good amount of support from my mom and brother.
      But what is important during this point of time for you is support to your family. You may find people rude to you, but you just have to let go of them . You just need to focus on improving your communication better.
      Your story is not boring at all, it reminded me of my own to some extent.All the best


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