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If John Hunter's "World Peace Game" were a computer game, then the whole world would benefit from it.

John Hunter is amazing, humble, and other-worldly.

I seriously think that if a computer programmer were to make this game the world would see more problem solving and less crisis.Though this game would probably take a very long time. The format of this game would be in virtual reality (if we have that already). I am not sure of the rest of the specifics, but maybe you have better input for this game, if it were a computer game.

All in favor please forward this to your nearest game programer friend.

All who say 'nay' please explain 'why not?'.

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    Jun 4 2012: Beautiful idea, Derek!
  • Jun 4 2012: You have a good idea, but I'm going to disagree. The group dynamic required to make this game would be extremely difficult to implement. I believe the game is best utilized when you have a large group playing at the same time, with direct communication between them. Digital interaction is excellent for mass communication, but I believe there is a lot to learn with non verbal communication in a game so complex.
    you could theoretically implement an AI system, but that would eliminate a large portion of the lesson. The game is best played with the group as a whole interacting and learning through each other. This is irreplaceable with a computer simulated players. The computer could only play systematically through its programming.
    In short, The world Peace Game is best played in a group environment through an analogue interface with real people.

    Thanks for reading.
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      Jun 5 2012: Hi James,

      I put some consideration of the future when we have easy access to virtual reality as a medium, or maybe the basic webcam could work as well, to be that "face-to-face" interaction one would look for in the computer version of the game.

      The other idea I was considering was an actual game with people from actual locations of the world, which would be more relevant, but in the game the location would have a pseudonym of some kind.

      Just some of my thoughts, =)