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Why do we hate? Presumably all emotions serve a purpose. What is the purpose of hate?

It is clear why some emotions exist. Fear, for example, serves to keep us safe from things we deem harmful. Anger, within reason, is a reaction to something we find objectionable and that helps us to learn to interact with others and also to protect ourselves.

Hate and love are opposite ends of the same scale, so the question could also be "Why do we love?" That seems to be easier to answer, however. It appears that love is the ultimate objective - the highest level of human development.

So then why do we hate? What purpose does it serve? Is it because of our own insecurities? Do we need to feel superior? Is the ego the hatemonger in us?

Could it be that our propensity to hate (or conversely, love) is a measure of our spiritual development?


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      Mar 16 2011: Its bit outta context but you look like Feynman! seriously!
    • Mar 16 2011: Hi Pabitra, I like your assessment. I think that if we are able to adjust our belief systems, then maybe we can make some headway. I like to think of it this way - we are all cut from the same piece of fabric. The fabric has many colours and patterns, but it is all one piece. If one persons damages another, the entire fabric is damaged, even if only in a small way. The more damage we do to each other, the more damage the fabric suffers. In this context, we all suffer from each others actions.

      Certain belief systems also entertain the idea that through re-incarnation, we each cycle through different races, religions and so on. So that in hating one race or religion for example, we simply hate that which we will be at some point. Whether or not one accepts such beliefs, it is an interesting way of looking at it.
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        • Mar 17 2011: Pabitra, I like your outlook. I agree that it makes no sense but it is very pervasive in most, if not all, societies and as far as I can tell, serves no constructive purpose.

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