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A perfect world. Possible or Impossible?

The title practically says it all.

The perfect world we long for.. is it possible?


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    Jun 9 2012: Impossible, because humans are not perfect. We are unique and different, some of us are beautiful some of us are ugly. We have different heights and different beliefs. In a perfect world we'd all look the same, we'd all think the same, and we'd all act the same. A "perfect" future would be a terrible place. So when asking if we can achieve perfection, in my personal opinion the universe as it is, is perfection. War and poverty are terrible, but if we never made mistakes, we would never have the chance to learn from them.
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      Jun 9 2012: Interesting thought, "A "perfect" future would be a terrible place."

      Then do you think it's pointless to continue trying if the perfect future is terrible?
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        Jun 10 2012: Interesting question, not an easy one to answer though. I do believe the goal of perfection is what drives people to create things such as the internet, electricity, and NGO's that help third world countries. On the other hand it gives us situations like religious wars, or mass genocides against "inferior" humans, such as we saw with the Nazis during WWII. But part of being of human is striving for perfection, and we can only hope that the benefits out weigh the negatives. So for a straight answer, no I do no think it is pointless to continue trying. Although as I stated above a "perfect" world will never come to light. Even though we want it badly, it's against human nature to be perfect.

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