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How would you inspire 700 youth for peace?

What TEDx talks would be moving?
What TEDx talk do you want to hear on this that have not yet been given?

What's the most effective method? Specific performances or people?

Who, what, where are they?

Which organizations are most effective for World Peace?

A World Conference is in the works and want to make sure we are rounding all corners.


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    Jun 4 2012: Hi Kat, When I was a teenager, I went on a reading binge about Nazi Germany and concentration camps. It shaped me as a human being. It was by personal selection though. I also remember deciding that I would not read anymore for my own mental health. Later, learning about the Milgram experiments had a similar profound impact.
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      Jun 5 2012: Do you believe that reading has the same impact with millenials? How could Migram be presented in a TED talk today and made relevant?
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        Jun 5 2012: Hi Kat, you are so astute and you appear to care so deeply for your students (I have always admired that and wondered how it is done- I found my own 5 almost more than I could handle in their teens!).
        You are right of cource, and that is why I stipulated that it was a personal choice. I cannot imagine any of my peers who would have made the same choice. However, if you complied a reading list for those who were so inclined it might be a good thing.
        I do think that there are many ways to demonstrate how far humanity can go astray when it loses its way .I also think that there might be a lot of help out there for you if you wish to transmit this worthwhile message.
        There already is aTED talk about Milllgram! I am pretty sure that it was done by Phil Zimbardo.I did teach my own about this study. I asked them to rely on their own conscious with the certain knowledge that I would have their back if they chose their conscience over authority figures directions. It worked darned well and they are independently thinking adults who strive to make a difference.
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        Jun 7 2012: In my experience, millenials respond better to multimedia presentation, especially film. Teens always respond better to the voices of their peers than the voices of adults as they are going through the process of differentiation. Also, we as adults MUST respect the fact that the world in which are growing up is not the world in which we grew up. If we want to know how they want to be taught then all we have to do is ask them. :-)

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