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How would you inspire 700 youth for peace?

What TEDx talks would be moving?
What TEDx talk do you want to hear on this that have not yet been given?

What's the most effective method? Specific performances or people?

Who, what, where are they?

Which organizations are most effective for World Peace?

A World Conference is in the works and want to make sure we are rounding all corners.


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    Jun 5 2012: I teach guidance classes to K-8 students. When they reach 4th and 5th grade we do a whole unit on the Holocaust. I use the film Paperclips because it is appropriate for their age, and is very uplifting instead of getting mired down in the depth of the tragedy. What I tell them at the beginning of the unit is: "We, the adults in your lives, are always telling you to be kind to each other, to not call each other names, to treat differences with respect, etc. Now we are going to learn about the deep and broad reason WHY we tell you this." I use the Ladder of Prejudice from the Teaching Tolerance website, and we study the ways in which we, as individuals shape our own culture. By the time we finish the unit, they are very clear on why it is so vital to act with tolerance and in a peaceful way toward others. They have a clear understanding of what can happen if intolerance goes unchecked.
    To reach youth, movies are great. Media. But the most important thing is to treat them as equals and to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Connections.

    PLEASE, let me work with you on this, if you have the table space. I have run workshops with almost 100 middle-school students by myself before and created HUGE change. It is not easy to truly reach them in vast numbers, but totally possible if done in the right way. The youth think with their hearts. If it is emotional, they will take it in and remember it.
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      Jun 5 2012: Very insightful Cathryn. I really like your approach.
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      Jun 5 2012: Cathryn,

      Connect in via Facebook to Rotary Global Youth Peace Forum. Your practical experience is greatly appreciated.
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        Jun 7 2012: I'm having trouble finding it on FB. Is Rotary Youth Peace Forum the official FB page name?

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