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Why live?

First of all, let me explain that I'm not depressed or suicidal in any way

The reason I'm posting this question is because I've previously posted the opposite question "What is the reason behind suicides?" and that made me question this.

Life as we know it is difficult. There are ups and downs and we face with conflicts daily. Some people's lives are more difficult than others. (ex: People who live in property) But then, what is their purpose in living?

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    Jun 4 2012: Live for those around you.

    On the topic of suicide, it has such a negative effect on those who care for you or even simply know you. You essentially leave everyone asking questions with no absolute truth.

    What could I have done?
    Why did they do it?

    Just four days ago my old neighbor/parents neighbor of 15 years just took her life a day after her 52nd birthday in the garage of her home. Her daughter found her.

    When my mother asked the police officer why she would do this and allow her daughter to find her, the officer said that she did not plan for her daughter to find her. I suspect there was a note of sorts possibly directed at her husband. No one in the neighborhood including her husband knew she had suicidal thoughts. Now she is left with a suffering family trying to tie lose ends that can never be tied.

    If she didn't have a gun where it was so easy to just pull the triger, would she have taken an extra second of thought and perhaps not done this?

    A few years back I had a friend take his life as well. I was left wondering such things as if the weather had been 5 degrees warmer or if it was sunny would that have been just enough to stop him from doing it?

    Trivial questions but everyone is hurt with no answer.


    Once again for those around you. In both instances I saw a great amount of love. In the most current, a tightening of a neighborhood bond. Everyone it seems was doing something to comfort the family. For those who weren't super tight-knight, and didn't want to interupt grieving it was something as simple as leaving a basket with food and a note on the door step.

    I believe that being human is a gift not to be taken for granted.

    Why be a Lemming?

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