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How does a country terminate ethnic attachments and achieve national identification?

Ethnic attachments is when each ethnic group in a country feels alienated from the other groups culminating in ethnic separatism and isolationism in the nation. National attachment, on the other hand, is a condition where the people in a country identify themselves with the nation rather than their small ethnic units. when people attach themselves to the nation it speeds up national development. As many developing nations are struggling with ethnic divisions, how do we solve this situation?


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    Jun 6 2012: The Question seems to suggest a negative connotation to one's attachment to his/her ethnic group. It is worth noting that the these smaller ethnic groups are the microcosm of what we know as a 'nation'. In other words,the solution to nationalism does not lie in our attempts to sever the two-nationalism and ethnicity-but rather ensuring a harmonious integration and amalgamation of the two.
    It is also noteworthy to highlight the fact that ethnicity is not necessarily antithetical to nationalism. As pointed out by some of the contributors to this discussion,Education is key in fostering a sense of nationalism in society, and I mean early education!
    • Jun 7 2012: Begs the question why does one have to have nationlism, nationalism is ok I suppose, so is patriosim, but we have all witnessed in past years were these ism have left countries, and unfortunaltly we are still seeing it on display today. goes back to what Feyisayo says really.

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