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If you could design a planet...

How would you design a planet? What type of species would live there? Atmosphere? Land? Would there be a purpose for life? Get as deep/creative as you like.

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    Jun 4 2012: I think for me this is an easy one. I would make more and bigger/smarter predators in a more hostile environment, so humans would have to collaborate more fully and more intensely in order to survive and thrive. The gap between us and the other species on Earth makes us complacent and allows us to succumb to the temptation to turn on each other.
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    Jun 3 2012: Duplicate Earth but smarten-up the humans.
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    Jun 3 2012: There'd defo be an ice cream glacier and a chocolate sauce volcano
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    Jun 4 2012: It would be very much like earth, but ever so slightly different so that all life could flourish EXCEPT mankind. Then we couldn't go in there and mess it up!
    Any thing as sentient and reasoning as mankind ends up thinking of itself before everything else. So very smart apes very bad idea.
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    Jun 3 2012: Why should anyone bother to design a planet? Why not leave it to a big boom, zillions of years, & natural selection? Worked ok the last time...........well didn't it..........?

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    Jun 3 2012: If someone designed this one and the life on it they sure made it look like it wasn't designed.
    They also made life pretty brutal.
    Many animals exist only by eating other living organisms.
    Not a great start.
    Its a shaky, floods etc etc

    Still its the only one we have and we can do a better job looking after it and each other.
  • Jun 3 2012: its better to have a planet full of humans only.I'll take all humans to that planet and this earth just for other living beings.that must be designed in such a way that everythings there must be product of machines.............