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Can TED Talks be rated to indicate their appropriateness for use in schools?

I teach in a public technical high school in New Britain, CT, USA and often show TED videos to my students. The difficulty is that I must first carefully preview the entire video and screen it for acceptable language and themes for the classroom. I have used the current rating system (persuasive, courageous, ingenious, fascinating, etc) to find interesting videos, but alas, many would get me in trouble for exposing my students to crude language or risque topics. A reliable viewer-generated rating system (similar to movies or video games) would eliminate some of the hassle and worry interfering with sharing TED Talks with my students.


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    Jun 17 2012: Why does the TED homepage tell me that I am logged in but the Conversations Page requires me to sign in? Why is it that when I sign in and click on My Conversations or My Comments - I am told I have none? Why does my Idea indicate four comments but when I click on my Idea it shows 0 comments? Something is not working here. I'll look for an Administrator to ask.

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