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Should caring for child who is medically considered 'obese' be claimed as child abuse?

I live in New Jersey, America - and there is no question that America has an obesity problem... I see college students take elevators up one floor, children (under 11) who are over 100 pounds at the flea market, soccer mom vans at the McDonalds drive thru with a full load of kids, and so much more...

Children are unequipped with the ability to make full and conscious decisions about their diets. Yet, the decision of over feeding a child does not just harm them in health, but in future developments of their body.

Until about 25, the human body is still developing. For a child to be overweight and growing up, their bodies are being stressed out far more than they should be naturally. The body compensates, but can never fully adapt to being overweight.

Forget drugs. Food is harming more people in this nation than anything else, next to alcohol.

When is the day going to come when I can treat an over eater like a smoker?

"Put down that cheeseburger, look at yourself!"

Yes, I understand we have the right to choose, but a child doesn't. A child will not know the full awareness of their choices until they are probably a late teenager.

Should we create laws preventing children from reaching obesity? How about adults? Should adults have to be court ordered diets?

Fun fact: In America, the lower income areas are usually more heavy - why? Because processed food is far cheaper than organic.

Perhaps we need a better education about physical fitness? Rather than just let kids play "gym" teach them diet and nutrition?

Argument of Genetics; In anyway that weight issues can be blamed on the parents being large... The time period where people are dying from weight problems is but a fraction of a fraction of the time periods in which is was not. Genetics is a poor excuse, plan and simple.


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  • Jun 5 2012: Nope, we all know the intentions of controlling the child's diet. As long as it's not to the extreme, I believe it is healthy to control the child's diet when he is young, so that he will grow up or grow used to the food that he usually eats.
    We should also educate them on the benefits of exercise, get them exposed to different sports, as they might just find themselves a new sports hobby! :) The main idea here is to get them off the couch and build a healthy psyche from young.
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      Jun 5 2012: So, you disagree but agree in every other aspect?

      Make parent education for child care, mandatory - or at least give an incentive; in Mexico a mother gets paid by the government to make sure they go to school, visit the doctor and attend first aid programs.. Should be enhanced and implemented here. Small price to pay with taxes to support our future... Laws, definitely, no question, make parents do this!
      • Jun 7 2012: I mean I disagree that caring for a child who is obese should be claimed as child abuse.
        It's training them to be stronger. :)

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