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does information security problems will eliminate internet as we know it now ?

now a day war is going trow the internet specially in region that already have conflict on the ground and it's spreading faster than regular war that raise the question will it will be the end of information sharing era

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    Josh S

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    Jun 2 2012: Just like to post this to help you and others out, because your question was a bit difficult to read originally. I tried to translate it so that it came across a bit easier for the reader. So here is a possible translation that keeps your main idea intact:
    Will information security problems eliminate the internet as we now know it?
    A war is being waged on the internet, specifically in information sharing areas and it is growing faster then regular wars. This raises the question: will it be the end of the information sharing era?

    My personal opinion is that no information sharing will not end, but will eventaully become more and more monitored. In the US, there are laws that are being proposed that threaten information sharing under the guise of 'copyright protection'. While i dont think information sharing will end, it will become more limited/censored.
  • Jun 6 2012: I think the short answer is yes. The internet as we know it now is inherently insecure, and must be replaced with an internet that is inherently secure.
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    Jul 1 2012: The internet as we know it 'now' will be in any case different from the one we get to know 'tomorrow'. The changes needed and induced by cyberwarfare can not affect the internet itself, as it is a network in between multiple computer.
    So this 'war' is about 'hacking into' other computer for sabotage or espionage, which is mainly fought on software, such as 'firewalls' and operation systems (OS), malware, trojans or computer viruses. Even today, at any time our 'sharing areas' are already involved in this battle and is under constant protection. Sometimes they loose and getting 'hacked' and most of the time they withstand within the race of new found 'backdoors', weak points and hacks.

    And as long as the internet maintains free of censorship and influence groups, it will serve good for all of us.
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    Jun 28 2012: I do not think so, Mohamed Abd Allah Hassan. We protect what we value and finding a way around such problems is crucial to many business interests.