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What is your response to what is happening in Japan right now?

I do not know what I can do. Deep down I just feel how connected we are, every single individual on this planet, and that we need to aknowledge that. I gave a small amount of money to The Red Cross. I watch the news now and then. I talk with my friends and communicated on Facebook, had a brief chat on Skype with a friend in southern Japan.

So I just pass the question on to you, whoever feels an urge to answer.


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    Mar 19 2011: I'm a very positive person by nature, but this past week I've felt very down because of what the people of Japan are going through. It's just hard for me to think about what it must be like picking up the pieces of your life, finding a loved one's body in the debris, huddling in a cold dark building not knowing what you'll do next, putting on a protective suit to go battle the crisis at the nuclear plant. I pray for God to help them and to show me what I can do. All I can think of right now is to send some money to help.

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