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What is your response to what is happening in Japan right now?

I do not know what I can do. Deep down I just feel how connected we are, every single individual on this planet, and that we need to aknowledge that. I gave a small amount of money to The Red Cross. I watch the news now and then. I talk with my friends and communicated on Facebook, had a brief chat on Skype with a friend in southern Japan.

So I just pass the question on to you, whoever feels an urge to answer.


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    Mar 19 2011: my vision to catastrophe is from Humanity view

    It is too hard to see people killed and houses destroyed ! Let's imagine a journey in destroyed part of japan in one of these houses was children were playing and in other house a boy and a girl built it one month ago to be there place for love and marriage .. and in third house a father and a mother that worked long time to get money for their new beauty child.... and this school there were students that decide to be a new arm for humanity that can build and help others.
    women lost children and fathers lost wives and children with no houses and mothers.......
    let's pray for them........

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