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What is your response to what is happening in Japan right now?

I do not know what I can do. Deep down I just feel how connected we are, every single individual on this planet, and that we need to aknowledge that. I gave a small amount of money to The Red Cross. I watch the news now and then. I talk with my friends and communicated on Facebook, had a brief chat on Skype with a friend in southern Japan.

So I just pass the question on to you, whoever feels an urge to answer.


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    Mar 16 2011: And I was thinking of what I can do this earthquake disaster as I'm involved in TEDx... as TEDxer.
    Then I choose to spread hopes to disaster victims to find themselves in hope with my friends from TEDxTokyo yz.

    So let me introduce our activities, "HOPE", this try to make a positive feedback by spreading hopes.
    1. "spreading hopes"
    2. "changing mind"
    3. "doing action for the future"
    1. "spreading hopes"... and then 2 and 3...


    If you like this, please press "Like!" on the page.
    If you know people who might know the hope message, please tell them the page.
    If you have hope messages yourself as shown below, please post it to the page.
    - a story which people can feel people's kindness
    - a music/video expressing hopes
    - a hope message/news from overseas (outside Japan)
    - a story which historical people who muddle through misery and finally get success

    Harmony is to be valued.

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