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What is your response to what is happening in Japan right now?

I do not know what I can do. Deep down I just feel how connected we are, every single individual on this planet, and that we need to aknowledge that. I gave a small amount of money to The Red Cross. I watch the news now and then. I talk with my friends and communicated on Facebook, had a brief chat on Skype with a friend in southern Japan.

So I just pass the question on to you, whoever feels an urge to answer.


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    Mar 16 2011: Thank all of you for care and concern.

    I think there are 3 stage when disaster are happened and now is the stage between "rescue" and "set up lifeline".
    1) rescue
    2) setup lifeline
    3) volunteer activities

    At this stage, I think only people like us who are not specialists of rescue and disaster control can do is:
    1) to donate though reliable organization
    2) to make a blood donation
    3) to share information / messages

    The following is announced by government and on the net:
    - not to send supplies personally.
    This cause unnecessary confusion of distribution system on site.
    Only corporate which are considerable to send bunch of supplies are allowed to send them.

    - not to go on site to do volunteer now.
    Only NPO/NGO volunteers are accepted current stage.
    If personal volunteer goes there, extra foods, essential goods, place to stay etc. will be needed to prepare for them. Now these should send to disaster victims top priority.

    - not to send/retweet unreliable messages.

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      Mar 16 2011: This is a very good, practical and useful post. Thank you.

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