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What is your response to what is happening in Japan right now?

I do not know what I can do. Deep down I just feel how connected we are, every single individual on this planet, and that we need to aknowledge that. I gave a small amount of money to The Red Cross. I watch the news now and then. I talk with my friends and communicated on Facebook, had a brief chat on Skype with a friend in southern Japan.

So I just pass the question on to you, whoever feels an urge to answer.


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    Mar 16 2011: Anna, thank you for starting this conversation. While I'm not a direct victim of the quake, as a Japanese I feel the need to listen to the insights of TED communities to deal with this disaster. So please let me join you to ask on this issue.

    The quake and tsunami has had massive impact on Japan's northern coastal area. It devastated numerous cities and caused thousands of casualties. Furthermore, it has even disrupted the daily lives of people in greater Tokyo area that is more than two hundred kilometers from the epicenter, with problems such as the partial power cut, troubles in nuclear power plants, suspension of public transportation etc. This is one of the most tragic disaster the world has faced in recent years.

    From the quake I've sensed that: disaster could occur anytime, anywhere; the so-called 'normal life' that we take for granted is in fact quite vulnerable; and it is trust and connection between people that sustain the society when the 'normal life' is bitterly disrupted.

    While many feel lost in grief after the quake and I share their sorrow, I also have a feeling that TED communities may have great resources to promote the trust and connection that is critical to tackle the disaster. So I would like to explore ways to link the wisdom and spirit of TED with the efforts of those suffering from disaster and those trying to stand up from it. Please let me know your thoughts and insights on how TED communities could respond to disaster such as the one occurred in Japan.

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