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What is the best way to learn C# / .NET and other web technologies?

I would like to learn the .NET framework using C#. I have found that you don't learn much on the job and would like to spend a solid 3, 6, 9 months learning from tutorials and videos. I am trying to create a road map to what i need to start and learn. I need to create a review checklist with dates from the ground up. I want to start with CSS/XHTML.

How can i construct this learning plan?

  • Jun 5 2012: For HTML & CSS you can try this :
    This will take at most 30 days to complete.

    Then you can dive into C#.
    I will recommend you to grab some books and read it carefully which will give you a solid foundation of C# which is must for web development in .NET
    Work with some sample project to understand how things work in C#.

    After that you can jump into ASP.NET MVC3.
    Again grab some books , work in some projects to improve your expertise.

    Happy learning :)
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    Jun 1 2012: Sanjay,
    For .Net u just go through // you can learn .net framework completely.
    its really helpful for people who want to learn .net!!!
    • Jun 1 2012: I would be going blind if i did that.. id like to first write a learning plan, / check list of what to learn.