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Equal opportunity through the expression of individual liberties.

My idea is that we create a society not where everyone is equal, but one where everyone is free to pursue their passions and make a living for themselves regardless of what their parents were and how they have failed in the past.
Here are some basic requirements of my meritocracy:
*A fluid financial markets for people of all financial statuses to have the capital necessary to move up
*A fair education system that allows anyone from any social status to gain the skills necessary to succeed
*For people's basic needs (food, water, clothing, shelter) to be guaranteed so that people do not have to seek employment just to feed themselves thus giving them a certain leverage over their employer.

These requirements are idealistic at best, but that's why I posted this talk
I want to hear everyone's opinion on a) how we might start to go about any of the four requirements above and b) to hopefully share other requirements that I have not thought of yet


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  • Jun 2 2012: To guarantee the services and resources everyone in your society is entitled to, there must be a subset of people within it who are denied individual liberties. To get food, water, education, etc., human effort must be exerted (for now). Unless you can guarantee that it will be in the interest of a great many to provide the necessary resources, or guarantee that an amazing and futuristic technology that frees humanity from the bondage of working for sustenance will be available to all, some must be enslaved. There are a variety of means through which your utopia can be realized, and i'm afraid i can think of none that do not involve force, which is the antithesis of choice and individual liberty.

    Maybe your society should be established within an existing state that also values individual liberty, so that it becomes a choice to live there and make the community the way you want it, a place where people who share your values can make it happen without the power to enslave people to other people. Then you'd only need to find those people.

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