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Why do we have so much garbage, & what can/should be done to reduce it?

Our planet is being trashed. We create & leave in our collective wake so much trash that a billion dollar industry has arisen just to manage it, often by burying it & creating potential hazards to our air & ground water. Our oceans & their beaches are polluted by plastics that won't decompose for 600 years. This is a worldwide disaster in the making. What do you think?


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  • Jun 12 2012: Composting and recycling can eliminate a large percent of garbage in an efficient manner, but many people are not willing to do it. Much of the food that is thrown out can be composted and much of the paper, plastic, and metals can be recycled. Perhaps effort should be made to make composting more accessible to people in the city.In addition, there are often reusable substitutes, such as cloth napkins and rags. It also is important to ensure that that externalities are compensated for with government policies, so perhaps garbage disposal should be taxed according to its environmental impact. Advocacy may also help.

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