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How many books have you read this year?

Which of them deserve be in this discussion? Do you recommend it for anyone? Why?


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  • Jun 14 2012: In too Loud a Solitude by Bohumil Hrabl. Great book! Quick read too.

    I really like books like this that are based on philosophy, but I find that its better to have a hard copy, because it is too easy to forget about books I download onto my computer. I end up re-reading books a lot even though I have access to new ones, just because I find myself wondering if there was more to the idea explored in a book than I remember it being about. (Takes place in Soviet Union Czechoslovakia. Prague I believe. There's also discussion at length of gypsy's, and apparitions of Jesus and Lao Tzu, that I enjoyed).


    The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci.

    This book was suggested to me by my history teacher, and I always figured he wrote it and authored it under a pseudonym. Great book about Ricci's Jesuit method for memorization techniques. Its more of the story of what he did in China when he went there in the 15th Century, in order to be a missionary. He taught himself Chinese with the memory palace method and tried to teach the method to the Chinese, but it was not well received. He converted several Chinese people to Christians (Jesuits), and made many friends in the aristocracy of whatever dynasty was in charge of China at the time. (By John D. Spencer. Takes place in Ming China).

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