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Read the proposal behind 'The Venus Project' and give critical feedback!

I need some people to please read, in its entirety, and gain a full grasp on, the outlined perspective drawn out by Jacque Fresco in 'The Venus Project'. I am looking for some critical feedback on it. I have not been able to find many true flaws in it, but I know that does not mean it is undoubtably devoid of any. I am just curious to get a new perspective on it, if not at least spread its message.

link: http://www.thevenusproject.com/


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    Jun 21 2011: Those that give TVP the erroneous sobriquet of "Communism" have absolutely no idea what communism is, basing their judgement from Hollywood movies and mass media propaganda. The concept has its share of lacking in many aspects of what a society requires to function. But to call it communism is just plain ignorant. I look at it as a Technocracy concept, regardless of the issues that concern me about it.

    As for the Zeitgeist films, be assured that they are meticulously made and do not make an amalgam between money and currency at all. There have been many articles(mostly inarticulate amateur blogs) trying to point out the "Hoax" or "Debunking" the films and its associated movement. I have read carefully through many of those, and so far I have not find a single one that didn't hide some sort of grudge, either religious, political, patriotic or call it what you will.
    Regarding the Zeitgeist films and the interpretation I made of them, I do support the TZM as its road seems to allow the grass to grow back. Perhaps it doesn't have all the answers but better take a detour towards the right path than carry on on the wrong one.
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      Jun 22 2011: but now we have you to teach us what is the real meaning of "communism" is. will you? you could also emphasize the difference between the v.p. and communism.

      criticisms of the zeitgeist movies can not be rejected on the basis of any prejudice of the authors. only on the facts they presented. if you never encountered a debunking site with hard facts, i assume you don't know google.

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