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A network of TEDsters spreding TED across the web for maximum impact.

After all this is "Ideas Worth Spreading" and they should be spread in an organized way.

So here's the simple plan;
We use the biggest social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on) to spread the appropriate Talks and Conversations to the appropriate Pages/Groups/Hashtags.

A Talk about cancer can be spread to cancer support groups and Talks about education to different learning institutions, etc etc.

What do you think, is it feasible?

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    Jun 3 2012: I think a great idea, I work actively in studies on aging, longevity and impact that they bring to emerging countries like Brazil, where I live. I believe that any subject can not only use the current tools of TED, but making integration with social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter. sorry for my bad English, my native language is Portuguese

    willians fiori -

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