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Do you have a small idea to make this world Green? Mention if you already use it.

My big greening idea is really small. I want to help households in reducing its carbon footprint. Simply by using more efficient lighting, cooling and windows. Budget all of this from ones annual energy spend.

The small acts I use to have a greener presence is to recycle every scrap of paper, even envelops that come in post.

Plus, I never travel to a place if the work can be done over the internet, like banking / shopping / meetings.

Curious for more small ideas that can have a large impact.


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  • May 31 2012: Get solar panels and a rain water tank, thats a dam good start. By an old car thats reliable and efficent, eg Toyota Corolla and have it tuned properly. (it saves by not being replaced with a new one) Buy a small cc motorcycle for picking up bread etc. Renovate good furniture.

    Buy better stuff that lasts rather than cheap stuff that fails early. eg I bought my stereo 30 years ago before CD's, Its still better than most of the newer stuff you buy today (by sound quality).
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      Jun 3 2012: John - I actually tried to get solar panels for my home. I was told by two different companies that it wouldn't be cost efficient for me because I use so little already. The cost of the system would be more than I'm paying now for electricity and I couldn't afford the increase.

      I jokingly say that in October, my car will be able to drive itself. I have a 1997 Saturn that still gets about 30 MPG in the city and about 36 when I drive long distance. Most of the time, it is a 6 mile round trip to the train station to go to work. We need more mass transit for people - 30 minutes of peace and quiet and reading time in the morning and after work is wonderful.
      • Jun 9 2012: Deborah, the solar cost in a home is expensive because of electricians and the inverter. I have a solar panel which i connect to an AGM battery. I charge my laptop and engel fridge off battery (12volt). I am about top get a new house and i will be putting in LED lights which i will also run off my AGM battery. I can also take my battery and solar panel and fridge when i go camping which is about 1/2 the year, and power my house OFF. If you stick to solar panel and battery you do NOT need electirician nor a $1,000 inverter. Agree about peace and quiet to from work. When i lived in Sydney years ago i always rented within a 30 minute walk to work, i loved it especially as i was on IT shift work. Probably too expensive to do that nowadays without sharing, but thats another story.

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