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Do you have a small idea to make this world Green? Mention if you already use it.

My big greening idea is really small. I want to help households in reducing its carbon footprint. Simply by using more efficient lighting, cooling and windows. Budget all of this from ones annual energy spend.

The small acts I use to have a greener presence is to recycle every scrap of paper, even envelops that come in post.

Plus, I never travel to a place if the work can be done over the internet, like banking / shopping / meetings.

Curious for more small ideas that can have a large impact.


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    Jun 6 2012: Placed all my electrical devices on power strips, which I have turned off when not using. Use fluorescent light bulbs. Turn on lights only in the room that I am in. And going to see if I can make it though the summer without turning on the AC. Probably the best thing I did to save energy, stop watching so much TV, only turn it one once or twice a week.
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      Jun 6 2012: Hey I live in Newcastle Australia, thats a whole three degrees closer to the equator than greenville and I don't even own an AC. Just go to the mall. They have their AC running anyway. May as well use it.

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