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Do you have a small idea to make this world Green? Mention if you already use it.

My big greening idea is really small. I want to help households in reducing its carbon footprint. Simply by using more efficient lighting, cooling and windows. Budget all of this from ones annual energy spend.

The small acts I use to have a greener presence is to recycle every scrap of paper, even envelops that come in post.

Plus, I never travel to a place if the work can be done over the internet, like banking / shopping / meetings.

Curious for more small ideas that can have a large impact.


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  • Jun 1 2012: Great idea !!!!!!!!!!!! as u said to share a small idea...that's very simple and hard as well " EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US (humans) MUST TREAT EVERY TREE AS OUR OWN FAMILY MEMBER OR LIKE OUR OWN CHILD "..as we all try to expand our race by letting our successors into this beautiful world,in the like way we all should try to expand the growth of trees or at least should try to stop cutting them... .that's all..hope it will work

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